Erica James’ has one that migrates from North to South. After high school, she went to college in Buffalo, NY where her dreams of becoming a singer were halted. During her college days, Erica became pregnant and music was even less of a priority. Her focus was on finishing school and placing herself in a position to provide for her child.

After college, she felt an emptiness that longed for music. So, she decided that it was time to invest in herself as an artist. However, having a little one proved to be challenging when trying to navigate a music career. Even still, Erica pushed forward: auditioning for producers, writing to tracks, recording demos, doing open mics, etc…

Sadly at the height of her push, Erica’s daughter took ill, and was diagnosed with a condition that would require more attention than her music could survive. Life was becoming more and more challenging, and music once again had to take a back seat.

Since everything went south, Erica followed suit. She decided to move to Atlanta, GA to start anew. This time, however, she planned on focusing solely on what she had gone to school for. But even new starts, can fail if you don’t reflect on your short-comings and become better at being you. Self-doubt and failed relationships left Erica empty. This emptiness became so loud that she sought silence.

Erica found her silence not in the literal sense but in the spiritual calming of her spirit. She went through Yoga Teacher Training and grounded herself in loving who she was and finding her way back to who she was meant to be. Naturally, her affinity to music resurfaced, and this is why Erica James, has come back. Everyone has a story; hers is one of self-discovery, spiritual growth and acknowledging how you can have an unquenched thirst when you fail to drink your dreams.

Discover her music, her inspirations…

Erica finds inspiration in being healthy and leaving this world a little better than she found it. Her music is about family, friendship, challenges and…LOVE.

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