Were Back  with a new show after 8 to 9 months with new cohost Ms Jay  , Dee-Poise and Hef    and our guest Kj Joanz a.k.a     Kenzell Jones, the artist commonly known as KJ JoAnZ, is making a name for himself. Based
in Rockford, Illinois, his music is already buzzing across the nation. Multi-talented, he grew up
around music and different instruments. Starting very young, he enrolled in the middle school
and high school concert band. Over the years, he picked up the drums, saxophone, and
piano. He’s currently teaching himself to play the guitar, taking his work to greater depth and
complexity. His dynamic blend of hip-hop, rap, and pop is an eclectic take on music. Trained
to read notes and play scales, he listens with a different ear than some artists, allowing him to
create unique melodies and identify potential instruments to lay over rhythmic beats.

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