Side Hustle Radio 3-1-21

CLNY is a female lyricist hailing from ...where ever she’s stationed at the time.
An unapologetic NYC native that in the capacity of a service member does her part to give where ever she is a taste of that New York fix. In a time where beats come first and lyrical content often takes the backseat you can be sure to get a fair dose of both. CLNY (Critical Lyricist Named Yasmene) offered her first single in 2018 “Revolution In My Blood” on all major platforms after previously releasing two hard hitting mixtapes (sheNICE, sheNICE2) via datpiff and SoundCloud. It was a gear shift that showed the versatility possessed. To date, CL offers quality content on her EP releases NovemberMarchNovember(2018), and Songs4Women(2019) before enduring 2020 in which she only offered one single “Slash&Burn”. While flexing her lyrical prowess shes offered conversation sparking, vibe setting playlist must have music! NateDogg, Malice of the Clipse, and Ludacris to name a few are amongst well known hiphop artists that served time in the US military prior to their break into music stardom; but while their stories go unknown CL takes the road less traveled and speaks on all things reality, offering a new perspective that’s hard to ignore. In the upcoming February 17, 2021 release of “MOOR AMERICAN” CLNY takes no prisoners as she delivers insight, rage, and content unmatched on the black experience from her point of view. 



Indigo Phoenyx is a lyricist and avid hip hop ambassador. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY currently resides in Atlanta. This emerging underground hip hop artist has curated hip hop stages and performed at one of the biggest hip hop festival in Atlanta over the past two years. Indigo has been a content creator for popular hip hop blog Weekly Rap Gods . Promoting the culture diligently on various platforms such as podcast, blog and radio for over a decade has been her passion. She also managed hip hop legend Jaz O for a couple of years. Her current focus is brand building in the hip hop community through art, panels, fundraising, workshops and of course her music. She has released three EPs The Goddess Paradox, The Conjuring and From The Ashes EP which have all been well received on a global scale. Indigo has worked with a slew of the hottest artists and producers such as such as Daddy O, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Innocent, Tek, Lil Fame , Illa Ghee, MAV, John Jiggs, J Scienide, Eloh Kush, Recognize Ali , Napoleon Da Legend, Tiye Phoenix, Queen Herawin, XP The Marxman, Jamil Honesty, Kil Ripkin, Spoda , Eddie Kaine and many more She’s also worked with noted producers such as Domingo, P.A. Dre, Str8 Bangaz,BodyBagBen, Teck Zilla, Free Mind, Dug Boogie, DJ Clif and Classick CEO of Fleet DJs and a host of the hottest new beat makers such as King David Beatz, Kencussion, Quake Mobb, Irie 1 and Casey Jones to name a few .Her sound is versatile with abstract nuances that still embody hip hop. From dark and gritty soundscape to classic boom bap even conscious, she creates music for hip hop enthusiasts worldwide. Indigo is also founder and member of supergroup The Triad alongside members Jae Hussle and Mado  on her label Rugged Triad Records. New projects such as Burn The Sun, Poison Lilac, Anubis Archives, Al Dunya Serpent’s Venom The Edge, The Summoning and Wake the Gods to her discography by 2021. 


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