Angelique is a new artist who loves R&B/Soul. She started her love for music at a young age from her mom and grandma always playing old school R&B & Blues. She started singing in her pre-teen years but stopped not long after, after not feeling the support from family. At the age of 20, she decided to start writing and singing in the studio again and created her first song, Infatuated ft. Aaron Dinero.

Ty 4 Thought is a North Carolina artist from (Kinston,NC) influenced by jazz/hip hop as well as revolutionaries, poets, and deep story tellers. 
He has 6 Bodies of work Released: 
"Sooner or Later" released (2012)
"F.E.A.R." released (2013)
"Easily Complicated" released (2015)
"10,000HOURS" released (4/25/2019)
"10,000HOURS After" released (3/8/2020)
"It Already Happened" released (11/10/2020)
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