Dani Stevenson (born September 3, 1980) is an American contemporary R&B singer-songwriter. She is best known for her background vocals on Nelly's single, "Hot in Herre" and her own singles, "Honk Your Horn" (featuring Missy Elliott) and "Yo, Yo, Yo" which was featured in the film XXX starring Vin Diesel.


Mr. Hip-Soul, R&Beast, Soul of the Streets; no matter the description given none can completely consume or cover all of the vocal talents that lie within this one man….Ev Jones.  Ev's career has been the text book path of one that began in the background but his talent propelled him to his solo career as we know it, one man, one mic and one band creating one night of musical bliss. His first solo project was released in 2012 entitled The Redefinition of Hip-Soul.  This album gained the attention of the Independent Artist scene  rendering the single “Bigger”.  This single went on to become an underground classic.   “Full Disclosure” served as a notice to the industry and the world that Mr. Jones was here.  He went on to complete several projects over the years. During that time is when Ev really pushed his pen and began aligning himself along side some of the underground elites.


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