I am a native of Bloomington, IN(GO HOOSIERS!)

Since the age of 11, I have been performing professionally as an Actor, Model and Singer. While attending Indiana University, I also fell in love with Hosting, Make-up Artistry, Producing and Directing.


Currently, I reside in Los Angeles CA with my wonderful Husband, Lance Larry. 


I am so excited to get my music out into the world! This will be my very first project of originals, entitled "MOODZ". Writing, arranging and recording my own project is something I have always wanted to do, but honestly, I let procrastination, fear, doubt and insecurities get in the way of doing something I love. 


In 2017, I was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I underwent a year of Chemotherapy and radiation, as well as surgery.

While going through treatments was rough, I never let Cancer break down my spirit the way it was breaking down my body. It was my mission to stay positive, faithful and to spread love and laughter to anyone that might be going through a hard time.

Having God, Music and the Arts in my life changed the way I handled my cancer journey.

I truly believe a mixture of all those things, were instrumental in my healing. 

During my Cancer journey, I promised God that if he healed me, I would push past my fears and use the gifts that he blessed me with. I am just his vessel and strive daily to live a life that will make him happy, and make my parents proud. We were all created to be a light in this world that is so full of darkness. 

I am here to encourage you to not be afraid to step out on Faith, and do the things that you have always dreamed of.


Life is short, and you owe it to yourself and the Creator to live life to the fullest!

I am very excited, and grateful that you have come by to check out my new project!

I pray my Music puts a smile on your face and gets your head bobbin!  


Thank you so much for your support and for starting this new journey with me.



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