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Soul Hustle 2-8-20

DEE-POISE  HEF and Sunshine  are back  with another new show 

Side Hustle Radio 2-8-20

 This week DEE -POISE & Hef Drop a New  Nikki record and chop it  up about Justin Timberlake and his new record  with Meek Mill

Wink From the Wood return to drop some new music and chop it up about his new movement  

LaShonda’s style and the iconic Pop artists of the 90’s such as Destiny’s Child and TLC. No one seems to make music like that anymore. Apart from LaShonda Schofield. It has to be s...

Soul Hustle Radio11-23-19

Music news and talk  in one place  with Dee-Poise Hef and  Sunshine

Allen is an American hip-hop artist from Toledo, Ohio. Yet his musical roots expandacross all regions. Not only does being from the Midwest offer an eclectic musicalinfluence, but ...

Firstly, he worked three jobs in a small town where he resided. At the time, he was faced with devastating relationship issues from his home, had to deal with a sick dad, and sadly...

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